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This was amongst the postcards I got from a TradeMe auction – all the cards had a cat theme – this one is a “treat” whatever side you read 🙂



Dear Madam,

Being aware of the “Cat-astrophy” that occured last Sunday thought this illustration would be reasonable.

An Old Tom

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I’m not quite sure what relationship Frank is to Miss E. Barltrop – I have another postcard that makes me think he’s a relative. Apart from the cheeky subject matter I was also intrigued the recipient lived at the Cape Pallisser Lighthouse!


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… Verner (?) would help but he is having a “hog killing time”if-nothing-unexpected-happens-2

And what unexpected things might happen on a train? The chap on the front of the card looks like he’s about to get up to some serious mischief.  Seems like a suitable card for a couple of blokes to be sharing.


A gift from Kathy, purchased on her visit to Melbourne, 2008.

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