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I quite like the idea of  “Happy New Year” postcards …



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Another postcard from Joe to Rose, I have another one of  them here.  It’s sweet that he apologies for writing a postcard, as someone has used the writing paper he bought.



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Maud Jeffries was an American born actress who ended up living and working in Australia. 

Winnie, the writer of this card is clearly a fan.

The card was sent to Miss Ogilive in Martinborough, c/- Ross Bros.  I wonder if she worked there?

It’s a bit hard to make out, but at the bottom Winnie reports she has “nearly finished my hat”.







This card was a gift from Kathy – I’m not sure where she bought it, so leave a comment with that info Kathy, thanks 🙂

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Another meeting arranged by postcard – I presume this was hand-delivered (I wonder if it was in an envelope or not, put in a letter box or not?) as there is obviously no address or stamp. Whoever wrote the card for Ruth has noted in the top left-hand corner “Have a bad cold dont feel like walking home”.


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… Verner (?) would help but he is having a “hog killing time”if-nothing-unexpected-happens-2

And what unexpected things might happen on a train? The chap on the front of the card looks like he’s about to get up to some serious mischief.  Seems like a suitable card for a couple of blokes to be sharing.


A gift from Kathy, purchased on her visit to Melbourne, 2008.

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A greeting from Avonmouth

A greeting from Avonmouth

I purchased this card in an antiques store in Tirau, New Zealand over Christmas. There was a whole collection of postcards from Joe to Rose. I only had time to grab a couple of them unfortunately! This one is the old fashioned equivalent of a text message – arranging a meeting either at the chapel or the “usual place”.
Back of A greeting from Avonmouth

Back of A greeting from Avonmouth

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