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I’m posting this in honour of this blog’s first birthday. A big thanks to Kathy as this is one of her cards.¬†It’s one of the first ones where I read what was on the back and became so intrigued that the back of postcards started to become more interesting than the pictures on the front!

“Westbrook” Renwick
Oswald E.H. Rowe Marlborough
Dec 5/09

Dear Friend,
I suppose you will say I am pretty bold & got cheek enough for anything to send you this card without an invitation. But do you remember when you wrere staying in Marlborough some little time ago? Attending the Blenheim Band “marching competitions” at the show grounds? If so, perhaps you will recollect waiting for the Bands to start? (“Punctually again”) Well, as that “Old Proverb” says: Satan still finds work for idle hand’s to do. (You will not be annoyed with me for putting it this way I hope) No doubt tempted you to write the following on the cell of the Grand Stand: – Miss Ruby Spratt – Hawera – Taranaki. Please exchange Post Cards). Andof which this child caught a glimpse which tempted me to send this card to you, which I hope you will accept together With My Kindest Regards.

From A. Hand across the Sea

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Posted in honour of Kathy’s birthday today ūüôā

img_0003 ed


Purchased off Trade Me 2009

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Main street of Foxton, New Zealand, 1906
Main street of Foxton, New Zealand, 1906

I got this card as it was a historic view of Foxton.¬† Most of the card is taken up with the writer explaining they were¬†too busy to write earlier … a common starting theme in many forms of correspondence I think (including my own!!)

Foxton 06 verso

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Something tells me these Kaponga lads may have been a handful!


This puts us mind of you on your way home from church


Won in a Trade Me auction March 2009

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Maud Jeffries was an American born actress who ended up living and working in Australia. 

Winnie, the writer of this card is clearly a fan.

The card was sent to Miss Ogilive in Martinborough, c/- Ross Bros.  I wonder if she worked there?

It’s a bit hard to make out, but at the bottom Winnie reports she has “nearly finished my hat”.







This card was a gift from Kathy – I’m not sure where she bought it, so leave a comment with that info Kathy, thanks ūüôā

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Greetings from Foxton, with an inset of the Main Street of the town

Greetings from Foxton, with an inset of the Main Street of the town

I originally purchased this postcard because of the Foxton subject matter, but it’s what’s on the back that is really intriguing.¬†

¬†I originally thought that the vaccination might refer to influenza, but the major outbreak wasn’t until 1918.¬†Based on some web searches I’ve done it seems likely that¬†the¬†vaccination might be to do with smallpox.

¬†The 1918 influenza pandemic was an anomaly in New Zealand and the world’s experience of influenza. New Zealand experienced intermittent outbreaks of influenza throughout the 19th and early part of the 20th century. But since a serious outbreak in 1907 the rate of death had steadily declined. By 1913 other infectious diseases, such as smallpox and tuberculosis, were of greater concern to health authorities. (Source New Zealand History Online)

Other sources talk about an outbreak of smallpox in 1913. Had the Mr Gray mentioned on the postcard caught the disease and now had smallpox scars, hence the question “has he decided about his face yet?”. Whatever the dangers Mrs Gladsome doesn’t appear to be keen on the idea of vaccination. She also makes an interesting comment “there is such a lot back here from the effects of it” – does she mean people returning to the area to escape the outbreak elsewhere?

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… Verner (?) would help but he is having a “hog killing time”if-nothing-unexpected-happens-2

And what unexpected things might happen on a train? The chap on the front of the card looks like he’s about to get up to some serious mischief.¬† Seems like a suitable card for a couple of blokes to be sharing.


A gift from Kathy, purchased on her visit to Melbourne, 2008.

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