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The garden of the Hotel Regina, Stockholm. What a lovely courtyard! Can’t find this hotel online, so I guess it has changed its name.



Purchased from Ethel Anne Antiques, Hawera, March 2009


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…. somewhere in New Zealand, Australia maybe. Could be a tropical destination? Yes you are getting warmer (no pun intended) … Fiji … almost …

Swimming pool Honiara Hotel, Guadalcanal, British Solomon Islands

Swimming pool Honiara Hotel, Guadalcanal, British Solomon Islands

… yes that’s right, you go all the way to the Solomon’s and send back a postcard of a swimming pool. Or maybe not … this postcard was never sent, so maybe it was deemed just a little dull, or perhaps the purchaser really wanted a memento of the facilities. But now we can enjoy this scene in all its retro glory, complete with a “pale but interesting” young woman, and a cool dude with walk shorts, socks and shoes! Hmmm… is that guy in the pool talking to this bloke – so is it his dad or ….

If you were intrigued as I was to contemplate the history of holidaying in the Solomon’s there is a bit of a history about it here . The use of the name British Solomon Islands dates the production of this card to before mid-1975 but retro buffs out there may be able to provide a more exact date.

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