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It’s been months since I have updated this blog – basically I have been too lazy to scan postcards, upload images, decipher handwriting and transcribe it. I hadn’t intended to never come back to it – but it’s amazing just how many months have raced by.

Today I got my fabulous birthday present from Deb which has brought my attention back to postcards – she sent me Greetings from the ocean’s sweaty face – which is a box of 100 postcards to send and also A Postcard Memoir by Lawrence Sutin, which is a memoir inspired by the images on other people’s postcards. Thank you Deb! xx

When I came back to this blog I found some incoming links from a great looking site called Wild Postcards which led me to Girls go postal

Further inspired by all of this I finally replied to a couple of direct swap requests I got through postcrossing. I have been so so slack with correspondence. I’ve now got about 3 things from my penfriend Thelma to reply to.

So today I stocked up on stamps and airmail stickers to keep me going for a little while … $34 later I should be good to go …

Birthday goodies, including the notebook made from elephant poo - a gift from my brother

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