My friend K found this card for me on Trade Me, so I assume that originated in Nee Zealand. Fanny must have posted or delivered it as she’s used the entire card for the message. It includes the name of the series so sometime I may be able to find out when it dates from.

This link leads to an interview with New Zealand academic Peter Gilderdale from 2016 about our postcard past.

Peter Gilderdale on New Zealand’s postcard past.

You can also read his Phd thesis:

Hands across the seas: situating an Edwardian greetings postcard practice

An interesting article:



… let alone posted. One for the boring category 🙂

This is one of my favourite cards – a birthday wish and then a list of chores.

I wish you many happy returns of the day 26 of June (?) May you get the little fire wood for mum. Give the cows a little bit of hay if cold weather – and don’t get anymore colds. Just going soon to a horse sale. I am in the square of Ch. ch.

from Dear Dad.

At home

Cute image, but today the message just comes across as … well some sort of Black and White Minstrel speak, highly un-pc.

Here we are at mommas (?) without our chillen taking tea out of Maori china to comfort us. No (?) for (?).

Your loving Aunt.

You can click on the images to take a closer look.

Maori china? What’s with that?

Also of interest is that this was sent to a passenger on the S.S. Remuera – I assume on a voyage from England to New Zealand. You can read more info about that boat here. I think I can make out a 1931 postmark?

One of us must die

All  a bit odd. To say the least. I’ve posted it under the humour category for want of a better place to put it 😉

You can click on the images for a closer look …

I find the image kinda creepy …

Postcard mojo

It’s been months since I have updated this blog – basically I have been too lazy to scan postcards, upload images, decipher handwriting and transcribe it. I hadn’t intended to never come back to it – but it’s amazing just how many months have raced by.

Today I got my fabulous birthday present from Deb which has brought my attention back to postcards – she sent me Greetings from the ocean’s sweaty face – which is a box of 100 postcards to send and also A Postcard Memoir by Lawrence Sutin, which is a memoir inspired by the images on other people’s postcards. Thank you Deb! xx

When I came back to this blog I found some incoming links from a great looking site called Wild Postcards which led me to Girls go postal

Further inspired by all of this I finally replied to a couple of direct swap requests I got through postcrossing. I have been so so slack with correspondence. I’ve now got about 3 things from my penfriend Thelma to reply to.

So today I stocked up on stamps and airmail stickers to keep me going for a little while … $34 later I should be good to go …

Birthday goodies, including the notebook made from elephant poo - a gift from my brother

My Dear C

My Dear C.

Just to say I will come tomorrow afternoon as early as I can. I have expected to hear from you this week.

Yours truly

Dear [sister?] Alice

We were very pleased to hear that you were getting better. We have buried the baby [?] this afternoon and every thing went off very nicely. Give our love to Mr and Mrs Palmer and thank them for their sympathy.

[unfortunately I can’t make out what’s written across the main message]