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Main street of Foxton, New Zealand, 1906
Main street of Foxton, New Zealand, 1906

I got this card as it was a historic view of Foxton.  Most of the card is taken up with the writer explaining they were too busy to write earlier … a common starting theme in many forms of correspondence I think (including my own!!)

Foxton 06 verso

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This is a postcard of “Norian”, The Beehive House, which was built by Edgar Roy Brewster in New Plymouth in the 1940s. It was dismantled in 1966. Brewster opposed right angles with a religious fervour, and apparently cut the corners off all of his photos. I realised when I took the postcard out of its plastic sleeve that this too had had its corners snipped! There’s nothing written on the back of this card. Puke Ariki have a great article on Brewster and the Beehive House.


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Another postcard of historical interest rather than for “what’s on the back” – this one is of Paritutu and the Sugarloaves, at New Plymouth. This image also graced an entry from the Cyclopedia of New Zealand. The Puke Ariki website has a story about Paritutu which includes the same picture – and describes the fate of the two small islands you can see at the base of Paritutu. While I am mentioning the fabulous stories on the Puke Ariki website, I might as well add a link to my own story there about iron sand mining as well 😉



Just the shortish of notes on the back. I wonder if Bessie actually got this card, or did it remain amongst Jessie’s belongings – finally ending up on Trade Me decades later, which is where I purchased it. 


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