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I’m posting this in honour of this blog’s first birthday. A big thanks to Kathy as this is one of her cards. It’s one of the first ones where I read what was on the back and became so intrigued that the back of postcards started to become more interesting than the pictures on the front!

“Westbrook” Renwick
Oswald E.H. Rowe Marlborough
Dec 5/09

Dear Friend,
I suppose you will say I am pretty bold & got cheek enough for anything to send you this card without an invitation. But do you remember when you wrere staying in Marlborough some little time ago? Attending the Blenheim Band “marching competitions” at the show grounds? If so, perhaps you will recollect waiting for the Bands to start? (“Punctually again”) Well, as that “Old Proverb” says: Satan still finds work for idle hand’s to do. (You will not be annoyed with me for putting it this way I hope) No doubt tempted you to write the following on the cell of the Grand Stand: – Miss Ruby Spratt – Hawera – Taranaki. Please exchange Post Cards). Andof which this child caught a glimpse which tempted me to send this card to you, which I hope you will accept together With My Kindest Regards.

From A. Hand across the Sea

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Pretty boy for contract


Now for something completely different – an intriguing message written on the back of a beer mat! Picked up in a local bar. I hasten to add I am not “Big Al” 😉

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