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Another postcard from Joe to Rose, I have another one of  them here.  It’s sweet that he apologies for writing a postcard, as someone has used the writing paper he bought.




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A tale of doomed love ….  honeymoon-pair-ed1











As this may be a tricky one to read I’ve transcribed it as best I can …

Dear Ruth,

When I got this card I thought of you, when you told me you did not like kissing. I believe you don’t, but you are a real sport. You can …… them at sporting times. Well I am glad you and Jim are suited I have been going to introduce you both for a long time now. Only I loved you myself and do now but as I am married and not divorced as yet it would be wrong for me to try to hang on. Any way I am proud. I have been able to make a match with you both and if you ever make a match may it be [up top] like the postcard. I will always love you and remember you as it will be impossible to do otherwise.

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Another meeting arranged by postcard – I presume this was hand-delivered (I wonder if it was in an envelope or not, put in a letter box or not?) as there is obviously no address or stamp. Whoever wrote the card for Ruth has noted in the top left-hand corner “Have a bad cold dont feel like walking home”.


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I’m not sure how serious the author of this postcard is – but if you read it taking it at face value she seems mighty annoyed! The word “love” has been crossed out and replaced by “your” in quite an emphatic way!


Purchased from an antiques store in Tirau, New Zealand, December 2008.

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A greeting from Avonmouth

A greeting from Avonmouth

I purchased this card in an antiques store in Tirau, New Zealand over Christmas. There was a whole collection of postcards from Joe to Rose. I only had time to grab a couple of them unfortunately! This one is the old fashioned equivalent of a text message – arranging a meeting either at the chapel or the “usual place”.
Back of A greeting from Avonmouth

Back of A greeting from Avonmouth

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