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This year some friends of mine have used a 1903 Christmas postcard to make their own Christmas cards:

You can see the back of the postcard on their flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/22278001@N08/4194774582/

I think it’s a great idea and what a gorgeous result.

You can read more about what is believed to be the oldest Christmas card here (from the mid 1800s). I wonder how old the oldest Christmas postcard is?

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I got my own copy of this earlier this month – very excited!

From Sometimes Love Beth: An adventure in postcards

Beth Sometimes

ISBN 9780980637809; 288pp; October 2009; $29.95

From her new home in Central Australia, on the eve of 2008, postcard author Beth Sometimes embarked on a daring challenge: to write a postcard to somebody, everybody, anybody and anything every day for the next year.

Collected in this compendium are postcards to friends, exes, people she’d met in passing, strangers, rivers, mountains and just about anything she wanted to reach out and touch. A combination of handmade and shop-bought and weird and wacky, each contains a piece of writing of some significance; moments in time and personal reflections that create their own poetic narrative.

From Sometimes Love Beth weaves a world of rectangular emotions and cardboarderly camaraderie, where giant ideas roam miniature communiqués and the personal becomes public – just like on a postcard itself.

‘Visual feast of handmade and shop-brought postcards with profound, bizarre and whimsical messages and delightful insights into other people‘s lives. Verdict: stamp of approval‘ – Herald Sun

‘Is this book a pretentious gimmick or an exciting exploration of a new form? Sometimes both, sometimes neither, but there‘s plenty to engage attention and provoke thought – The Age

Info and pic from publishers website http://www.affirmpress.com.au/books.aspx?id=9

You can buy the book directly from there 🙂

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